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Nic Martinez is a Traffic Specialist, Video Ad Producer, and Health Marketing Consultant.
What I do
  • Traffic: I help businesses rapidly scale revenue by getting more customers / clients using Facebook Advertising.
  •  Tracking: Big budgets with razor sharp tracking. Every penny is accounted for in my dynamically updated spreadsheet. Daily expenses incorporated to give you accurate daily, monthly, lifetime earnings; at a glance. Marketers lie, numbers don't.
  •  The Boost Call: A 55 min, deep dive screen sharing session to boost any current marketing efforts or to discuss ANYTHING you would like.
  • Investment: $697 for one 55 min session.
  •  Video Advertising: If you're not utilizing 6, 15, 30, 60+ second video ads, you're missing out on the lowest CPA you'll ever see. I produce video ads that are authentic, and true to your brand. No expense is spared as we are willing to shoot on location, create eye-catching sequences, and keep everything contextually congruent for users at each step to becoming a loyal customer.
  •  Sales Funnels: Do you need a sales funnel built? I pride myself on high-level Traffic & Analytics focus, while keeping the pulse of video ad production. This means I do not mess with HTML. Instead, I produce winning sales funnels in collaboration with very talented (and cool) web designers, and professional copywriters. I communicate your companies honest, specific, vision to produce a clear message & objective for your future customers. Think of me as a producer of all things. Creator of none. It's my passion to connect brands & creators, weaving a fluid sequence of trackable (conversion) events.  
What People Are Saying
Founder of VZBL Marketing
Tanner Petroff
“Nic doesn’t think like you and me. He’s always thinking 10 steps ahead. He’s been an invaluable asset to our organization, and he’s great to work with. I couldn’t be happier working with Nic.”
I am currently updating everything below this sentence.
Case Studies
Case Studies
Physical Products
For this company, I commandeered their existing sales funnel & $50,000/mo traffic sources, throttled the flow of cold traffic and reduced cost-per-acquisition (CPA) from $2.99 to $0.50. Then, I scaled ad spend to $53,000/mo while increasing revenue by 33%. 
Service Providers
For this company, I took their cost per lead from $18 to $3. To be fair, they didn't even have a landing page. So, I built them a lead capture page & we worked together to build a unique program we exclusively offer to Facebook users. Then, we produced an on-location video commercial which beat competing image ads 3:1.  
People I've Worked With
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